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The Colonel's Collection - No 3 The Colonel and Fin (book with CD version) PLUS soft toy Fin the Fox

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The Colonel's Collection - No 4 The Colonel and Osbert (book) PLUS soft toy Osbert Owl with authentic Tawny Owl call

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The Colonel's Collection

Welcome to the world of The Colonel. No, not a soldier - but a pheasant! A handsome cock pheasant, the undisputed leader of a small band of animals who live in Beech Wood, deep in the heart of the Scottish countryside. 'The Colonel's Collection' is a series of illustrated stories about the animals' adventures as they come face to face with their enemies. Fables to enjoy, packed with comedy and superbly illustrated.

Take a look inside the first six stories: 'Introducing The Colonel', 'The Colonel and Rosie', 'The Colonel and Fin', The Colonel and Osbert', 'The Colonel and Huffy' and the latest book 'The Colonel and Rackety'.

Reader Reviews

Praise for The Colonel and Rosie

" The first two books in Christine Findlay's The Colonel's Collection have been a huge hit with my seven-year-old granddaughter who dearly loves a good story, and also with the second-graders I teach! All are captivated with the exciting adventures of the inhabitants of Beech Wood -- Rosie Red Squirrel, Osbert Owl, Fin the Fox, Huffie Hedgehog and the handsome pheasant Colonel who heroically comes to the rescue of Rosie with his loyal army of pheasant foot-soldiers; although on at least on one occasion he needs to be rescued himself while learning a humbling lesson on self-control and responsibility. Superbly written, the delightful characters have distinct personalities and traits. Set in the Scottish countryside, the descriptions of the Colonel's kingdom through the seasons and Louise Gow's accompanying drawings and maps are especially appealing to children, both charming and at times reminiscent of those in Wind in the Willows. At last a children's book of exciting and captivating stories in a series based on real needs and fears of animals in nature such as scarcity of food in winter, threat of invasion of non-native species, and the constant need to keep a low profile around gun-toting hunters. We eagerly await the next in the series! "

Carol Patterson

Praise for The Colonel and Huffy

" Welcome to the Colonel's kingdom for another heart-warming story. This time Huffy the Hedgehog is down in the dumps and the other animals are determined to cheer her up. Huffy is new to the area and her Glasgow voice comes through loud and clear with phrases like "This here hedgehog didna come up the Clyde on a beech leaf" and "Can you no just let a buddy wallow in her misery?" But her gloominess can't stand up to her new friends' kindly efforts, and the ending is sure to bring a smile. Lovely illustrations - especially the maps - add to the fun."

Joan Lennon

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