The Colonel's Collection

'Beware, these stories are alive and dangerous!'

Welcome to the world of The Colonel. No, not a soldier - but a pheasant! A handsome cock pheasant, the undisputed leader of a small band of animals who live in Beech Wood, deep in the heart of the Scottish countryside. 'The Colonel's Collection' is a series of illustrated stories about the animals' adventures as they come face to face with their enemies. Fables to enjoy, packed with comedy and superbly illustrated.

Take a look inside the first five stories: 'Introducing The Colonel', 'The Colonel and Rosie', 'The Colonel and Fin', The Colonel and Osbert' and the latest book 'The Colonel and Huffy'.

Introducing The Colonel - No 1

It's November, food is scarce and The Colonel has a large appetite. Risking his life, he goes in search of supplies for his dwindling band of 'foot soldiers'. But greed gets the better of him with near disastrous consequences.

The Colonel and Rosie - No 2

The second in the Colonel's Collection series, this tells the story of Rosie Red Squirrel who is threatened by an intruder. The handsome cock pheasant, The Colonel, and his friends are on a mission to save her from danger.

The Colonel and Fin - No 3

The Colonel is back and this time Fin the Fox needs to find food for his growing family. The snow has fallen on Beech Wood and Fin is desperate to find something to eat or Mrs F will throw him out. Will The Colonel and his friends be taken home for lunch?

Available with accompanying audio version.

The Colonel and Osbert - No 4

Osbert Owl is desperate. There's no sleep and no peace from other animals asking his advice. He's fed up being wise but what to do? The Colonel, of course, has a solution. But will it work?

The Colonel and Huffy - No 5

Huffy is a very unhappy wee hedgehog. She's had to leave her home and friends behind to move to Beech Wood. The Colonel is determined to cheer her up but Huffy is just as determined to be miserable . . . until timid Donny comes up with a surprising idea.

Reader Reviews

Praise for 'Introducing The Colonel'

" This is an exciting and engrossing tale for children, with a gentle lesson quietly implied. The Scottish setting is beautifully realised both in the text and the richly coloured illustrations. A delightful introduction to a new series of animal stories which will have children demanding more. "

Dr Ann Swinfen

" Bought this book for my son - loves every page, especially the map of Beech Wood! Kids will love it. "

Craig (Scotland)

" When you are 'Introduced to The Colonel' you will step into a superbly crafted and beautifully illustrated tale. It's a classic with an up to the minute twist epitomised on pages 14 and 15! "

S. E. Alexander

Praise for 'The Colonel and Rosie'

" Another heart-warming and funny tale, The Colonel and Rosie will charm children and adults with both words and pictures. The detailed end-paper maps also help bring the animals' home to life, while the plight of our native red squirrels is underscored by Rosie's danger. "

Dr Ann Swinfen

Praise for 'The Colonel and Osbert'

" Once again Christine Findlay takes us on a delightful woodland adventure amongst the creatures who inhabit the Colonel's kingdom in a Scottish glen. The disruption to Osbert the Owl's life needs a radical solution, but the solution proves even worse than the problem. It's up to the Colonel to save the day. As in the earlier books in the series, Louise Gow's charming illustrations enhance the story. The Colonel series is sure to be loved by children and parents alike. "

Dr Ann Swinfen

" I am looking forward to reading the new short story in The Colonel's Collection with my 5 year old grandson. Osbert the owl is sure to be a great success with the amusing storyline of dressing and behaving like a punk. The illustrations bring all the characters to life and, with a deft touch, create a wonderful atmosphere as a backdrop to the action. The perfect size for a bedtime read! "

Meg Luckins

Praise for 'The Colonel and Huffy'

" Our friends from the Colonel's Kingdom are back, but now Huffy the Hedgehog is casting gloom over a bright new summer's day. Transported unwillingly from the East End of Glasgow to this rural paradise, Huffy is determined to wallow in her misery. The kind-hearted Colonel and his friends try every way they can think of to cheer her up, but it is shy Donny who finds the answer. Wittily written and charmingly illustrated, The Colonel and Huffy is a worthy addition to this lovely series, popular with children and adults alike. "

Ann Swinfen - author

" Welcome to the Colonel's kingdom for another heart-warming story. This time Huffy the Hedgehog is down in the dumps and the other animals are determined to cheer her up. Huffy is new to the area and her Glasgow voice comes through loud and clear with phrases like "This here hedgehog didna come up the Clyde on a beech leaf" and "Can you no just let a buddy wallow in her misery?" But her gloominess can't stand up to her new friends' kindly efforts, and the ending is sure to bring a smile. Lovely illustrations - especially the maps - add to the fun. "

Joan Lennon - author

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