Christine Findlay

I spent most of my career teaching, then retired to live in a beautiful part of Perthshire, Scotland. From my study window I often see a variety of wildlife - pheasant, partridge, rook, woodpecker, red squirrel and deer. And at night, I go to sleep to the sound of owls hooting or foxes barking.

For years I had promised myself that some day I would write down all those wonderful stories that had been gathering in my head. Now that I had a rich landscape to draw on and a ready supply of animal 'characters', each with its own personality, there was no excuse. So the Colonel's Collection was born! To date, the first six in the series have been published.

Louise Gow - Illustrator

Originally from Helensburgh, Louise attended drawing and painting classes at Glasgow School of Art. She has lived and worked in Perthshire for over thirty years.

Once The Colonel stories were written, the author approached Louise to ask if she could recommend an illustrator, preferably someone who lived in the area. After some thought, she offered to take up the challenge herself. Her lively and colourful drawings speak for themselves.

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