JUST OUT! Book No. 6 - The Colonel and Rackety

It’s nesting time for Rackety and the rest of the rooks from Beech Wood. But the Colonel and his pals can’t stand the noise. Something has to be done to quieten this noisy nursery. The Colonel has an ingenious plan. But will it work?

Smack! Suddenly the Colonel felt himself being catapulted along the ground in a blur of sky and sun. A clamour of ear-piercing caws filled the air. Rackety Rook and his pals had arrived back at Beech Wood.

An extract from 'The Colonel and Rackety'

Price: £6.99

The Colonel's Collection

Welcome to the world of The Colonel. No, not a soldier - but a pheasant! A handsome cock pheasant, the undisputed leader of a small band of animals who live in Beech Wood, deep in the heart of the Scottish countryside. 'The Colonel's Collection' is a series of illustrated stories about the animals' adventures as they come face to face with their enemies. Fables to enjoy, packed with comedy and superbly illustrated.

Take a look inside the first six stories: 'Introducing The Colonel', 'The Colonel and Rosie', 'The Colonel and Fin', The Colonel and Osbert', 'The Colonel and Huffy' and the latest book 'The Colonel and Rackety'.

Reader Reviews

Praise for The Colonel and Fin

" I took a copy of 'The Colonel and Fin' with CD to my two nieces aged 7 and 4. Since then, the older one has been listening to the CD constantly. She already has the first two books and enjoyed them but the latest book has totally revived her interest to the point that she has become almost obsessed. In a good way! She has spent the weekend dressing up as Fin - red tights, hoodie and a red top as a tail. And she has now made a mask, all by herself, and paws. The Colonel and his friends have really captured her imagination. She has certainly become a big fan!"

Avila Murray

Praise for Introducing The Colonel

" The Colonel is a charming tale set in the Scottish countryside that will appeal to all ages- beautifully written and beautifully illustrated. Delighted that there is more in the collection to come."

D Judd

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