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Book No. 1 - Introducing The Colonel

Price: £5.99

It's November, food is scarce and The Colonel has a large appetite. Risking his life, he goes in search of supplies for his dwindling band of 'foot soldiers'. But greed gets the better of him with near disastrous consequences.

Book No. 2 - The Colonel and Rosie

Price: £5.99

The second in the Colonel's Collection series, this tells the story of Rosie Red Squirrel who is threatened by an intruder. The handsome cock pheasant, The Colonel, and his friends are on a mission to save her from danger.

Book No. 3 - The Colonel and Fin

Price: £8.99

The Colonel is back and this time Fin the Fox needs to find food for his growing family. The snow has fallen on Beech Wood and Fin is desperate to find something to eat or Mrs F will throw him out. Will The Colonel and his friends be taken home for lunch?

Available with accompanying audio version.

Book No. 4 - The Colonel and Osbert

Price: £6.99

Osbert Owl is desperate. There's no sleep and no peace from other animals asking his advice. He's fed up being wise but what to do? The Colonel, of course, has a solution. But will it work?

Book No. 5 - The colonel and Huffy

Price: £6.99

Huffy is a very unhappy wee hedgehog. She's had to leave her home and friends behind to move to Beech Wood. The Colonel is determined to cheer her up but Huffy is just as determined to be miserable . . . until timid Donny comes up with a surprising idea.

Book No. 6 - The Colonel and Rackety

Price: £6.99

It’s nesting time for Rackety and the rest of the rooks from Beech Wood. But the Colonel and his pals can’t stand the noise. Something has to be done to quieten this noisy nursery. The Colonel has an ingenious plan. But will it work?

April Offers: Offer 1

Price: £10.00

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The Colonel's Collection - No 3 The Colonel and Fin (book with CD version) PLUS soft toy Fin the Fox

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April Offers

The Colonel's Collection - No 4 The Colonel and Osbert (book) PLUS soft toy Osbert Owl with authentic Tawny Owl call